How to Make Blinking Text on InstaStory

How to Make Blinking Text on InstaStory

As a medium for sharing photos, Instagram has many users throughout the world. Having many users does not make Instagram to be complacent, this is evidenced by the new features that appear in the Instagram application. In addition to new features, it turns out Instagram also has tips and tricks that still not many people know.

One of the tips and tricks on Instagram that many people don’t know about is creating glittering text on InstaStory (Your Story). InstaStory is one of the features most loved by Instagram users since the end of 2016. InstaStory aims to share everyday moments.

Then, how do you make the text glitter in InstaStory? It’s easy, let’s just follow the steps below.

1. Open the Instagram application on your Android or IOS device.

2. Click the profile icon (Your Story) on Instagram or swipe from left to right on the Instagram page.

3. Any photos that are around you.

4. Select the sticker icon in the InstaStory menu.

5. Locate and select the GIF sticker.

6. Type ‘diamond’ in the GIF search menu. Choose one of the diamond gif images.

7. Increase the size of the diamond until it meets the screen of the device.

8. Click the download icon to save the image. Exit the installation feature.

9. Reopen the installation feature, and look for the previous diamond image.

10. Click the pen icon.

11. Select the black pen, and long press on the screen to get a black background .

12. Click the pencil icon.

13. Click on your story icon and you’re done. Now your blinking text has appeared in your InstaStory.

That is the explanation from the tutorial ‘How to Make Text Glitter in InstaStory’. Good luck.

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