How to Make Bold Captions on Instagram

What doesn’t get left behind when you want to upload something to Instagram? Yes, the answer is Caption . On Instagram, the caption is quite important when you upload photos or video content on Instagram. The caption usually serves as an explanation, because it certainly contains information that you will convey regarding the post that you have uploaded .


For those of you who like to post content, you are familiar with captions . Many of you deliberately make captions as unique as possible to attract followers . For example, like with an interesting Quote or by making unique text it can be italicized, crossed out or something else.

If you want to be like them – those who make interesting captions you can try to make captions that you will make the text black and bold or Bold . You can’t do this bold text directly from Instagram. As you know, the Instagram developer hasn’t given you the option to make bold text . Then, how do you do it?


To make it really takes a trick, and the trick is to use a font generator site . The site can generate or make bold fonts to paste on Instagram. Well, apart from using a font generator site you can also take advantage of third-party applications. To find out what sites are used and what applications just go to below.


1. In this first step you will try without using the application. Go directly to the Lingojam bold letter website , tap here to go directly to the site. There are two columns, the top column is the original text while the bottom is bold text.

2. You can choose a variety of existing bold text and copy it. Next, you just need to upload any content then paste the text that was previously copied .

3. Second, you can use the Fontify application, please tap here to download it. If you open the application and type the text you want to make bold in the text to copy column , various types of font styles will appear, select Sans Bold and tap copy .

4. In addition to the above two ways you can use other sites such igfont and dardura to make the font bold or bold text on Instagram.


How easy is it not making bold text on the Instagram site? Not only can you use it to caption your uploaded posts, but you can also make a bio on your Instagram account.

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