How to Make Face Stickers with Google Keyboard

How to Make Face Stickers with Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard or often referred to as GBoard is a virtual keyboard application developed by Google for Android and IOS devices. No different from other applications, GBoard also has many useful features.

Besides containing useful features, it turns out that GBoard also has tons of unique features. One of the unique features on the Gboard is the feature of making stickers from your face photos. Curious how to make a sticker from your face photo with GBoard? Let’s just follow the steps below.

1. Open any chat application on your device. Here the author opens the SMS application.

2. Click the ‘ Sticker ‘ icon on the GBoard.

3. To start creating stickers from face photos, click the ‘ + ‘ icon .

4. Here there are a lot of stickers and GIF images. But to make a sticker from the face, click the ‘ Create ‘ button .

5. To make a sticker based on the face, fit the position of your face in the box. Click the photo button to take a photo.

6. Wait a minute, AI in the application is processing stickers according to the character’s face.

7. When finished, the application provides three different sets of stickers. Click ‘ Show ‘ to see.

8. Your three sets of stickers have different themes, mini emoji , sweet mini , and bold mini .

9. Click ‘ Adjust ‘ to change the shape of the sticker.

Here we can easily change the appearance of stickers such as face shape, hair color, eye make-up, and so on. Click done.

10. To find out if the sticker you made is available on GBoard, reopen the chat application again. Click ‘ Sticker ‘.

11. Stickers with your face character are available on GBoard and ready to use.

Thus the explanation from the tutorial ‘How to Make Face Stickers with Google Keyboard’. Good luck.