How to Make Green Screen Videos in Capcut

Now to edit a video, we do not need a computer with high specifications; because only with an Android phone, we can make videos with various display effects and transitions. Especially in the midst of the tight competition between today’s applications. Many effects and interesting features are available in video editing applications that can be used for free.


One of the video editing applications that are currently popular is the Capcut application. By using this one editing application, you can easily create a unique and attractive video display. One of them is making green screen videos.


Currently, green screen videos are quite popularly used by video creators. How not, the green screen video contains unique and cool animations. Generally, to get green videos, video creators will look for them on the YouTube video application. Here, there are lots of green screen videos that you can search and use for free.


However, if you want to make your own green screen video using your video; can you use the Capcut video editing application? Through this application, you can make green screen videos with no duration restrictions. In addition, you don’t need to edit any part of the video, because the Capcut application will automatically remove the background in your video.


1. Download the green screen image first through any browser application available on your Android device.

2. Now, open the Capcut application that is already installed on your Android device. Select the + New Project icon to start creating the video. Find and select the green screen image that you downloaded earlier. Tap  add .

3. To extend the duration of the video; tap on the green screen, then tap on the right white side and swipe right. Set the duration according to your video needs. When it’s back to the starting point of the video.

4. Tap anywhere outside the green screen layer to display the main menu. Tap  Overlay to add a video.

Then tap  Add Overlay , and select the video you want to make green screen. Tap  Add .

5. Enlarge the video size according to your needs, and then tap the Remove background feature .

6. Done, wait until your video background removal is complete. When you tap the export button to turn the video into an mp4 file.


It’s not easy to make a green screen video using the Capcut video editing application. Now, you can easily make green screen videos that have a longer duration and of course for free. Do some easy steps as above, to make another green screen video.