How to Make Online Gifts on Android

As an internet user, surely you have seen and found a gift display that once you click it will display a photo and message. It cannot be denied, with the increasing popularity of the internet; there are lots of unique and interesting views that can be opened easily and quickly. One of them is making gifts online.


The appearance of this online gift is very simple, only in the form of a gift image. However, when the gift image is clicked, it will display a photo of the gift and a text message from the sender. 


With today’s advances in technology, you can make an online gift easily and quickly. One of them is by using the Surprising Gift Service – Artrayd website. 

One of the other advantages of making gifts online by using the Surprising Gift Service – Artrayd website, you don’t need to register or login to an account first. Through the Surprising Gift Service – Artrayd website, anyone can immediately make gifts online.


1. Select and open one of the browsers that are already available on your computer or Android phone. After the browser opens, open the Google search engine and type in the keyword artyard gift . Then select a website called Surprising Gift Service – Artrayd 

2. After the Surprising Gift Service – Artrayd website opens, click on the gift or gift icon to start making gifts online. Keep clicking the gift icon until the gift page displays.

3. After the gift page opens, click the Open Gift button . Then click the Create Your Own Gift button again .

4. There are 4 types of gifts available online, namely surprise gifts, happy birthdays, love letters, and bubble wrapped. Select and click on one of the types of gifts you want to make. Then you will be directed to the gift creation page.

5. Click Upload Photo and find the photo of the gift you want to display. Then  add a message to the gift and the name of the sender of the gift. If so, click the Create Gift button . Done, now the online gift that you created is ready to be sent.

6. Click Copy URL to copy the online gift link or click Share to share the online gift link to the chat application that is already available on your device. More or less the following is the appearance of online prizes sent via the WhatsApp chat application.


Apart from being able to send gifts online; by using the Surprising Gift Service – Artrayd website, you can also send birthday wishes and love letters online.

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