How to Make Orange Teal Effects on Photos on Android

How to Make Orange Teal Effects on Photos on Android

Want to make orange teal photo effects easily and quickly? Now, with just one click you can produce an interesting orange teal effect.

In the past, users of social media have always been synonymous with young people, but now parents are also using social media, even minors are starting to use social media. Social media users are increasing more today than in the past.

Seeing the increasingly advanced era, the social media itself also did not want to lose by continuing to develop in the features that are in it. Lots of us see on social media interesting photos and videos that are shared.

Many are made professionally and carelessly. Well, this time inwepo will also share tips to make your photos more interesting by using the orange teal effect. We don’t need to use complicated editing techniques. Just one click using your smartphone can produce great orange teal photos. Here’s the full tutorial .


1. The first step, download and install the Orange Teal application in Play Store for free.

2. The second step, open the Orange Teal application and select the Load Picture menu to add photos. Then select Gallery to select photos from the smartphone gallery .

3. The third step, you can move the pointer at the top to switch to another effect. To sharpen the effect you just need to move the slider to the right. You can also customize the effect yourself by tapping the Advanced menu . There you can adjust the Saturation, Highlight, and Shadow according to your expectations.

4. The fourth step, to save it, just tap the Save menu and use the Share menu to directly share it on social media networks that you have.

Thus the tutorial How to Make Orange Teal Effects on Photos on Android. May be useful.

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