How to Make Small Text on WhatsApp

Want to send a unique text to your friends via WhatsApp? Well, inwepo has tips on how to make unique text. Namely by making small text on letters, curious about the next trick? Check out the details below.


We return to the WhatsApp trick, previously who doesn’t have a WhatsApp account? Hopefully WhatsApp is a messaging and communication application that is arguably the most used on Android and iOS smartphones . Because of its simplicity as if WhatsApp today creates addiction and makes various users around the world depend on WhatsApp.


Indeed, from WhatsApp itself, there are quite a lot of features that are presented to make its users even more addicted, even so we as humans will always feel less. And thirsty if there are new tricks interesting enough to be done on this messaging application owned by Mark Zuckerberg. For example, is a trick to make small writing on letters.

Although it is quite interesting, the smaller text feature is not yet available on official WhatsApp. We have to use a technique or a trick to do this.


Well, Android is a system that is easy to customize, of course, a variety of applications available for free on the Play Store will help us to perform tricks for making small text. The application that is suitable for our trick this time is Fancy key, in which there are many interesting fonts, one of which is to make smaller text .

This small text can not only be used to send messages but to create stories as well as a username on your WhatsApp account.


1. You have to install the Fancy Keyboard application first . Next you tap the Enable Fancy Keyboard menu then select Fancy key on the Virtual Keyboard menu .

2. Select the menu Switch to Fancy Key keyboard then select Fancy keyboard for keyboard use.

3. Then open the WhatsApp application then open a chat to activate the keyboard, then select the F icon then select the Cool Fonts menu .

4. Select Girls Only font and type in the message field, and the text looks smaller than normal font .


Apart from being used to send WhatsApp messages, you can also use them to send to colleagues on other social media applications. Besides that, in the Fancy key application, there are also many other interesting fonts that you might have to try.