How to Make Telegram Bubble Chat Transparent

Tired of your usual Telegram bubble chat appearance ? Let’s change the chat bubble to Transparent with the tips below.

If asked what is the best chat application besides WhatsApp? Surely everyone agrees if Telegram is the answer. Telegram is a chat application that is also a competitor to WhatsApp which is quite popular and has many monthly active users.

Telegram is not only present as an ordinary messaging application, but also brings advanced features that may not exist or are still limited to other applications.


For any Chat application users , they should be familiar with the theme. Like most users, of course, they will feel bored with the normal appearance, although there are also those who feel at home with the original appearance of each application. However, most of them definitely want to change their theme, including telegram users.

For old users, of course, they can and are already used to easily changing themes. Indeed, unlike the next application that has to use the Mod application if you have to change themes, on Telegram we can easily change themes by joining a group that provides lots of free themes. Unfortunately, there are no transparent versions of these themes available. Then how do you make it?


Transparent themes do look unique, therefore many are looking for ways to create transparent themes. Well, on this occasion Inwepo has provided the trick. Without having to join groups or even use the help of bots, we can create telegram themes manually. Curious how to make it? Come on, go straight to the tutorial below!


1. Tap 3 lines, in the upper left corner to display another menu. Then select the gear icon or the Settings menu .

2. Next, select the Chat settings menu , then select the Change chat background menu to change the chat background first or you can directly tap the 3 dots in the top right corner to enter the next menu.

3. Tap the Create Theme menu then name the theme you are going to create.

4. Later will come the icon palete color, tap and select in the menu Chat_inBubble or Chat_outBubble .

5. Change the Alpha or the circle to the number 118 . Well, the result will be transparent as below.


It turns out that it is very easy to make telegram themes transparent. We don’t need to download the theme file or use the mod version of Telegram , this feature has been provided by the developer on the official Telegram .

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