How to Mirror Android Screen to Linux, Windows and MacOS

Mirroring the screen or duplicating the display from Android to PC is not something that is familiar to the ears and eyes, it is even commonplace with the chromecast. Mirroring itself has many purposes, such as for streaming, presenting or just trying it out.

To do mirroring from Android to PC, there are many tutorials out there, such as using ApowerMirror, Mobizen Mirroring or Vsyor and so on. Since this application does not support screen mirroring with the Linux operating system, the tutorial that I am sharing will be a little different from the others. If other applications we require both devices to have a special application, but with this application we do not require both of them to have the same application, only on the PC device. The name of the application or software is scrcpy, scrcpy allows us to mirror the android screen to a PC with Linux, Windows and MacOS operating systems by taking it directly from the android server so that it doesn’t cause any delay when mirroring.

How to Mirror Android Screen to Linux, Windows and MacOS 

Tools required: 

1. Android smartphone with OS version 5.0 and above.
2. PC / Laptop with Linux, Windows or MacOS operating system .
3. USB cable.


1. Open the link and please follow the installation instructions. If you don’t understand, you can follow these steps:

  • For Windows download using the link above.
  • For MacOS with the following command 
    brew install scrcpyand
    brew cask install android-platform-tools
  • For linux you can use snap with the command
    snap install scrcpy

2. Make sure your smartphone has activated developer mode and usb debug. Connect the smartphone with a PC using a USB cable, the usb cable functions as a data link from the android screen to the PC when mirroring.

3. For Windows, just extract the downloaded file and double-click scrcpy in the extracted folder, while for MacOS and Linux, just open a terminal and type the command “scrcpy” then enter.

4. Authorization will appear on the smartphone, then you just have to accept it. Then a window will appear on your PC where the window is the same as the display on your Android smartphone and can be called mirroring.

Pros and Cons of Using SCRCPY. 


  • No delay and light.
  • Can control android directly.
  • No need for applications on android, so android becomes light.
  • Open Source.
  • Free, no separate fees.
  • Runs on Android with minimal specifications.
  • Multi Platform (Linux, Windows and MacOS)


  • No audio is involved when mirroring, there is another way to use usbaudio and even then it only runs on linux.

The final word

Yes, that’s how to do mirroring from android to windows, macos and linux. Hopefully the tutorial that I shared is useful for friends who want to mirror the Android screen to a PC.

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