How to Open All Chat and Email Applications in 1 Software on a PC

In the business world, the role of  customer service is needed so that  customers can become aware of the products or services that you distribute. If the customer feels comfortable with the services provided, the opportunity for a purchase will be great. However, as a business owner, of course, the best service is not only provided to  direct customers , but also to  customer service.

With that reason, business owners are obliged to provide a  new insight  to their CS . The new insight  can be in the form of providing applications that make it easier for CS  in service. There are many applications that can be used for that, one of which is Rambox. This application is a Windows application which is a special browser  type  to open applications.


Windows  applications are in the form of a special workspace for managing multiple applications simultaneously in one place. Rambox  allows you to be able to open 4 or 5 WhatsApp at once. And open only that, Rambox can also be used to open many frequent applications that are common in smartphones, such as Telegram, DM Instagram, WeChat and Messenger.

When installing this application, you will get more than 99 applications that can be used in one place. How to use the Rambox application is very easy. This application is fairly powerful  even though it is in free mode  with the features it has.

Here are some of the features that can be obtained from Rambox mode free  :

  • 99 applications
  • Master Password Lock
  • Session Lock
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Sync Apps
  • Add Custom Apps
  • Community Support


1. Download Rambox and  install  as usual. Determine the  Windows user  who will use, and place the file storage  in a cool location. Just pick the default settings for convenience.

2. When the install  process  has been completed, the initial appearance of Rambox will be as shown below. As for Discord  and WhatsApp Business at the top is a sign that the application has been added before by the author.

3. Here you will try to add WhatsApp. Look for the WhatsApp application then click. Give it the desired name.

4. After that Rambox  will automatically open WhatsApp Web. Connect the WhatsApp Web with WhatsApp on your smartphone . Not only one  WhatsApp  but also many  WhatsApp.

5. Try to add other applications, such as Telegram The login process is the  same as the login process on the Telegram application normally. So with applications like  Discord, Gmail, Messenger  and others.


Rambox  can speed up customer service performance  by opening all chat and email applications at the same time. because it can load more than one application in one place. Minimizing business operating costs by not buying many devices. It’s also easier to do because it’s done on a bigger screen than on a  smartphone.

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