How to Overcome Failed to Install Application in Google Play Store

How to Overcome Failed to Install Application in Google Play Store

Maybe you have experienced a problem when downloading applications on the Play Store? Where the application that you install after 100% download, the application actually even repeats it from the start. Or when the percentage is complete, there is a notification that you cannot download the application. Yes! As I often experience. Even though RAM is still available, the Internal Memory is still enough to store hundreds of MB of data . Everything looks fine. So what? The network is also smooth, even using a Wifi network. Indeed sometimes annoying and complicated enough to find the cause. But calm, on this occasion the author will share how to overcome them. Even without additional applications. The stages are as follows:

1. Make sure the network you are using is stable or fine.

2. Clean junk / cache files that are lodged in the internal memory of the phone. Here I use a cellphone from Xiaomi . But for other brands maybe the way is not much different because the important point is finding a storage menu.

First enter Settings → About Phone → Storage → then click Data menu in cache to clear it. And push the OK button .

If your phone doesn’t provide deleting cached data , or can’t do the first step, you can immediately try the second method.

Namely: Enter settings → application manager → search for Play Store applications → tap the delete button → select clear cache .

If this method doesn’t work, you can do this step. Press the power button until several options appear. Select reload or restart . Wait a few moments until the restart process is complete. And try again by downloading the application from Play Store.

Done. Good luck.

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