How to Permanently Delete a Pinterest Account on Android

Pinterest is an application or website that allows users to upload photos or images and can later be included in certain categories (pins). Pinterest is very much used for the purposes of finding creative and inspiring ideas.

To use Pinterest you can access it directly through the website or use applications available for Android and iOS. In Indonesia alone, Pinterest is not popular enough. Usually those who use Pinterest are art workers, such as photographers, designers and others.

Well, if one day you are bored and not too interested anymore using Pinterest. Then you can delete the Pinterest account permanently with the following steps.

1. Please open the Pinterest application on your Android phone and don’t forget to log in using the account that you want to delete.

2. Next, press the saved menu at the bottom right.

3. Then press the menu or profile photo at the top left.

4. Press menu or triangle icon 6 at the top right to enter the settings.

5. On the next page, please select the account settings menu .

6. On the account settings page you can scroll down and select the close account menu .

7. After pressing the close account menu, then a new pop up will appear, just press the close account button .

8. Later, you will automatically exit the Pinterest application.

9. The last step, you need to confirm the closing of the account by checking email from Pinterest, then after opening an email from Pinterest please press the Yes button , close the account.

That’s how to permanently delete a Pinterest account on Android . If you are bored using Pinterest then you can delete the account in the above way.

Please note, after 14 days after deletion in the application, the account will be permanently deleted and cannot be returned. However, you can undelete the account by logging back into Pinterest before 14 days have passed.

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