How to Play Gameloft Classic Games on Android

How to Play Gameloft Classic Games on Android

Playing games is an activity that is almost done by many people in various parts of the world. Whoever the person is and at any age at this time must have played a game. So do not be surprised if playing games is one of the universal activities that can be done by anyone, as is the case with music which is a universal language because it is able to be understood by all humans.

At present the types of genres in game play are very diverse. Starting from the online and offline. But for now, the majority of existing games are dominated by online type games . Of course at this time for those of us who are adults must often miss to play old games or classic games. The existence of this game can certainly be an unforgettable childhood memory.

For those of us who miss the old games, don’t worry. Gameloft, which is one of the leading game publishers in the world, currently provides an application called Gameloft Classic in commemoration of the 20th year the company was founded. In this application there are about 30 classic games made by Gameloft that we can play for free.

This time the author will provide a tutorial on how to play Gameloft classic games on Android devices. As for the steps as follows:

1. First, you must download  “Gameloft Classic: 20 Years” through the play store. If the installation process is complete. Click open.

Download  Gameloft Classic: 20 Years

2. On the page menu as shown, click accept then click lets play.

3. After that, we will directly enter the main menu of the application. Here there are 30 kinds of games that we can play. Some of them are popular games like Gangster 2: Kings of LA, Miami Nights, and others. Click play if you want to play the game.

Similarly, a tutorial on how to play classic gameloft games on Android devices. Hopefully it can be a means of nostalgia for us old game players. May be useful.

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