How to Play Youtube Videos on Android Background

How to Play Youtube Videos on Android Background

Youtube is an application that is spread on almost all Android smartphones . Statistics have noted that Youtube has been downloaded more than 1 billion people. Since Google’s acquisition, the number of YouTube downloads has grown rapidly because all types of Android smartphones must carry the default YouTube app.

Youtube is preferred because it can access videos in real time practically via an Android / iOS smartphone . This proves that the world community is very happy about audio-visual entertainment. The various videos on YouTube include cooking tutorials , make-up tutorials , smartphone reviews, webseries , to religious lectures. It’s no exaggeration to say YouTube is more than television. In addition, YouTube is often chosen to be a promotional event, a source of income (from adsense ), and a source of information. But among the advantages and benefits of YouTube, there are also disadvantages of YouTube itself, which is a lot of videoswhich contains hoaks information.

In this fast-paced and practical era, many people want to access Youtube videos while doing other things, such as browsing, playing games, scrolling Instagram, etc. Therefore, there is a way to be able to continue playing YouTube videos even through the Android background .

1. Open Google Chrome. Then tap the YouTube icon or open the Youtube site.

2. After the YouTube page opens, tap the dot icon in the upper right corner of the application.

3. Select and checklist the words “Desktop site”.

4. The desktop version of the YouTube page is displayed. Please type the title of the YouTube video you want.

5. Select the video you want to watch.

6. Video  is  played.

7. You can exit the Google Chrome application. At the same time, you can also play or pause the video playing through the notification menu.

This is the tutorial for playing  Youtube videos on an Android background. May be useful.

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