How to Post Instagram Stories Through the Telegram

Stories is one of the most used features on Instagram by users of the Instagram application. Through Stories on Instagram; users usually upload various things ranging from daily activities, happy moments, even to selling products.

But you know, we can also upload Stories on Instagram using the Telegram chat application! How come? How to? We only need to take advantage of the share feature that is already available in the Telegram chat application. This share feature is indeed a default feature of the Telegram application; so you don’t need to download any additional applications.


One of the reasons why the Telegram application is one of the most widely used chat applications by smartphone users is because the features in this application are very complete and easy to use. In addition, also because of bots in the Telegram application.


To be able to post on InstaStories to the Telegram application; You can use media files such as photos or videos that are already in one of your chats in the Telegram application. To upload video messages from Telegram chats to InstaStories; try to choose a video time that matches the maximum duration of uploading videos on InstaStories, which is 15 seconds.


1. First of all, open the Telegram application and look for the picture or video message that you want to set as your Instagram Story. When finished, click on the image or video. Click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the image or video and then select Share .

2. Find and select Stories , and then you will be directed to the Story page of your Instagram account. Before uploading the photo or video; First add supporting text, emoji, or stickers according to your needs. When finished; just click the Send to button , to upload the photo or video into Stories on your Instagram account. Done.


How? It’s easy isn’t it; turn photo and video messages in the Telegram chat application into Stories on your Instagram account. Actually, it’s not only in the Telegram app; You can also make photo and video messages in the WhatsApp application into Stories on your Instagram account. The method is also not much different from making photo and video messages into Instagram Stories using the Telegram chat application.

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