How to Remove Photo Backgrounds Without an Application

Nowadays, there are more and more applications that make it easier for users to remove photo backgrounds . But the fact is, there is no application that is really easy to use when removing photo backgrounds . Most of these applications usually require prior selection of the parts of the photo that you want to remove the background from . Of course, this can be said to be easy and difficult because it requires patience in selecting.

But don’t worry, without the hassle of having to install an application, it turns out that we can easily remove photo backgrounds through a website called REMOVE.BG. In fact, this method is very efficient because it does not take more than 1 minute. Here’s a tutorial just for you.


1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your smartphone .

2. Open the site  , then the web display will appear as below.

3. After that, select ” Select a photo ” to select the photo to remove the background from your cellphone gallery. In addition to selecting photos from the gallery, you can also enter photos via a URL link by selecting ” or enter a URL “.

4. After selecting the photo, wait for the process of uploading your photo to the web until 100%. Don’t worry, it won’t take long.

5. After the photo is uploaded , the background of the photo will be automatically deleted. It looks like the following.

6. The last step is to download the photo with the deleted background to your cellphone gallery, because this website does not have an automatic feature to save photos that have been changed. Select the ” Download ” menu at the bottom of the photo without a background . Then the photo without the background is directly saved to your cellphone gallery.

Now, the tutorial on how to easily remove photo backgrounds without an application on Android is complete, easy isn’t it? May be useful.

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