How to Report a Group on Telegram

The more advanced technology today, the faster information/content spreads. As we know, whether it’s in chat applications, social media applications, or search applications like Google, there are millions of new information/contents that come in every day.

However, of all the information/content that comes in, not all of it is information/content that is positive and useful. There is also a lot of information/content that smells of violations such as pornography, violence and many more.


In response to this problem, there are actually many applications that have a filter feature from the negative information/content, such as Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other applications.

However, it turns out that the filter feature is not enough to free users from negative information/content. Because of this, some apps feature this Report information/content feature. One of them is the Telegram chat application.


Chat application users can easily report the Telegram groups they follow to be deleted by Telegram directly.

The group was reported because of the many violations committed by admins or other members registered in the Telegram group. However, you cannot report the group yourself; there must be several or many other members who must also report the Telegram group.


1. Open the Telegram application on your device, and then log in using your registered Telegram account.

2. After the main page of the Telegram application opens, just search and select one of the groups you want to report.

3. After the chat group opens, click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and then select the Report feature .

4. There are five types of violations that have been provided by the Telegram application, namely spam, fake accounts, violence, child abuse, and pornography. If you want to report a Telegram group based on one of the above violations; you can directly click on one of the violations.

5. Click More to report a Telegram group whose type of violation is not available in the application. Type the type of violation and click the Submit Report button . Done.

6. Later you will get a notification that Telegram will study your report.


In order for your report to be processed quickly by Telegram, you need to invite several other Telegram group members to report the group.

After your report and your members are approved by Telegram; then the group will automatically be deleted by Telegram.

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