How to Report Fake Facebook Account on Android

Many fake accounts are filled with shy people but not a few are also filled with bullies. Usually, the shy account doesn’t always reveal his true identity directly, and it’s usually used by people who are new to cyberspace or have certain other things. And fake accounts of bullies are usually used by people who are prankster or there are certain elements that can cause annoying someone, and this account is said to be a suspected criminal.

Before proceeding to our discussion, namely ” How to Delete Fake / Fake Accounts “, let’s understand together that the method the author uses is not 100% successful. Why is that? Because we are not the account owner who fully has the authority to delete the account, and the steps that the author uses in this article are only 50% likely to succeed.

A secure Facebook account position, and is not considered illegal according to Facebook rules, is one that has passed account identity verification. What is account verification like? Account verification is in the form of a digit number consisting of 6 letters that has been sent by Facebook to those of us who have registered for Facebook. If the verification code has not been received from Facebook, friends can click “resend” or “send by phone” and wait some time.

Next, the author will discuss the main points above, namely, there are several ways to delete fake accounts, including:


1. Open the fake / fake account profile .

2. Look for the three-dot corner of the account profile.

3. After that, the Profile Settings menu will appear such as View Friendship, Find support or report a profile, Copy Links and others.

4. Then select ” Search for support or report a profile “

5. After the next option appears, click ” Fake Account “, then click Next .

6. If you have clicked ” Report Profile “.

7. After that check the ” violates Facebook community standards “, then click ” Report “.

8. Wait until you get a notification from Facebook that the Facebook account you reported has been deleted.

At this point, you can wait whether Facebook deletes the account or not. You just have to wait for the results. Well, if this method is successful, you will get a support message that says “the account that you reported has been deleted”. As the author said above, the method that the writer uses is not 100% successful, but the possibility is only 50%. Good luck.

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