how to restore deleted data on android

Have an important file? But accidentally deleted from your Android? Confusion is definitely the first thing you will do. Especially if you don’t have the backup file  . Wow, that might be your worst experience. Yes, maybe if that happens on your laptop or computer, the data won’t just disappear. Of course, the file will be stored in the  Recycle Bin which you can restore back to normal.

Then what about on Android? Is there no similar application like Recycle Bin on PC / Laptop? Actually, there are several. So here I will introduce an application that can solve this problem, namely Dumpster.

Dumpster is an Android application that can restore deleted data. If previously deleted data will be lost permanently. After you install this application, the data that you delete will be accommodated in this Dumpster application.

When it is first opened, this application will ask what types of files will be accommodated. You can choose between photos, videos, documents or other file types. The type of file that is accommodated can also be changed on the view menu. Every time you open this application, you will see what files have been deleted. Now for more details, please see the guide below:

1. Download the application on the Playstore.

Dumpster Photo & Video Restore

2. When finished downloading, open the application, please just skip the intro if not needed.

3. After the intro is complete you will enter  the Dumpster home application. Now here is the list of files that were previously deleted.

4. The type of file that is accommodated can be changed in the settings section .

5. If you want to permanently delete data from Dumpster, just select the menu then tap  “Empty Dumpster”

It’s easy, right? If it’s still unclear, you can see the video tutorial.

So far from me, there are still many tutors that I want to give you. So… Stay tune.

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