How to Restore Deleted Files on Android

How to Restore Deleted Files on Android

How to Restore Deleted Files on Android – Because on my android phone I accidentally deleted an important file, and the file was accidentally deleted, after that I looked for ways to restore lost files on an android phone.

Maybe for those of you whose events are exactly the same as Mimin, maybe don’t worry too much, we can solve this problem with amazing software or applications that can restore deleted data files on your Android phone.

And you don’t need to root your android, because this only uses a simple application to restore your lost files, and now you’re definitely curious about the application, this time I won’t give just one application but there are a few.

Are you already curious about what applications can restore your lost files, you just won’t be long enough anymore, Here’s How to Restore Deleted Files on Android.

1. Dumpster Application – Recycle Bin

This Dumpster application is not to restore deleted files on your Android, but this first application is useful just in case the next time you accidentally delete a file that is important enough, the file is still stored.

This file functions the same as the Recycle Bin on your Laptop or PC, it’s just that it’s used on an Android device.

Well, if you are interested in having this application, you can download the file via Playstore below.

2. DiskDigger Undelete

Undelete DiskDigger application is able to restore accidentally deleted files on your android phone. But if you upgrade it in the pro version. If you still use it in the Free version. You can only restore lost files such as photos and videos.

Although only that, maybe this application is quite helpful for those of you who have lost files in the form of photos or videos. If you like this application you can download it for free at PlayStore or the link below

Maybe this is all I can provide for the solution of important data or files deleted on your Android phone .

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