How To Save Other’s TikTok Videos In Gallery

How To Save Other’s Tik Tok Videos In Gallery

TikTok is an application that you can use to make short videos that are interesting and creative. Lately, the TikTok application has become very popular in the world and many are using it.

There are many interesting things and features from the TikTok application, one of which is funny and creative effects and filters. In addition, as a result of the popularity of this application, there have been a lot of challange videos that have sprung up in TikTok and become viral in cyberspace and of course many are also following it.

You can use the TikTok application on a smartphone , whether it’s Android or iOS. Besides containing interesting short videos, you as a user can also download or save the videos you want from the TikTok application to your mobile gallery, if you are interested in downloading videos from the TikTok application, please do the following steps.


1. Please open the TikTok application on your mobile. If you don’t have it, you can install it directly through Play Store or App Store.

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2. Next, you can find the TikTok video that you want to download , it can be through the homepage or through someone’s profile.

3. Then, at the bottom right of the TikTok video, press the share menu .

4. Later, a new menu will appear, please select or press the Save Video menu .

5. Finally, you only need to wait until the download process of the TikToK video is 100% complete.

6. TikTok video that you downloaded earlier, can be seen directly in the gallery of your Android phone.

That’s how to download other people’s videos on TikTok . If you are interested in using the TikTok application and find lots of interesting and funny videos, then you can download the video using the above method. Every video that you download will automatically enter the gallery of your cellphone. This method can be done on Android or iOS.