How to Save Xiaomi HP Batteries Up to 10x Fold

For those of you who are looking for how to save Xiaomi battery, this tutorial article will help you to overcome and save battery usage for xiaomi batteries. Optimizing battery usage will extend battery life. This tutorial is based on the author’s experience.

The author does not know the problem with the battery or charger head, so it creates problems when charging, and even after charging, the battery runs out so quickly. But what surprised me even more was that my xiaomi battery would last longer if it touched 80% and below, and it could take a very long time to spend just one percent.

And this is how the authors outsmart how to make this xiaomi cellphone battery durable and long lasting. Please listen if friends experience the same problem or  problem  as the author.


This tutorial does not use additional applications.


1. Open the settings application

2. Then you scroll up

3. Open the “ battery and performance ” settings menu

4. And tap on the icon “optimize” Done


In this second step, we will take advantage of the battery saving features of the Xiaomi.

1. Open the notification bar .

2. Then swipe left.

3. And you activate the battery saver menu .

4. Done, your xiaomi cellphone battery will be more efficient than usual.


Now in this last step, you can use the reading mode feature , and apparently, this feature can also help save battery.

1. Open the notification bar .

2. Then swipe up.

3. Then tap on the reading mode icon .

4. And this feature will automatically be active and the battery icon will turn yellow.

This feature can not only save battery, but can also make your eyes cooler and more comfortable when looking at the screen.


Well, that’s a way that can be used to save the author’s xiaomi cellphone battery without additional applications. The method above is guaranteed to work 100%. Please try it, and if you are not a Xiaomi user, then these tips can also be tried. only different in the placement and name of the feature, but the function is the same, which is to save the use of your Android cellphone battery.

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