How to See Where You’ve Been on Google Maps

Only by having one Google account, there are many benefits that can be obtained. How come? As a large company, Google has a lot of applications that really help the daily life of its users. An example is the Google Maps application.


One of the benefits of the Google Maps application is that it guides users on the way. In addition, the Google Maps application can also provide solutions for the fastest route to get to the destination. And there are still many benefits from the Google Maps application.


But do you know that from all the benefits of Google Maps, there is one benefit that many people still don’t know, which is knowing the places they have visited or passed. This feature is called Timeline. In addition to displaying photos of the place, Google Maps will also display the number of your visits to the place and the full address of the place.


1. Open the Google application on your device, and make sure the Google application is connected to your Google account. Then, tap the Profile menu in the upper right corner of the main page of the Google application and select the Manage your Google Account menu .

2. After that, you will be directed to the Google Account page . On the Google Account page, find and tap the Data & Personalization menu . Scroll down to the Data & Personalization menu and look for the Activity and timeline column . Tap on the Timeline menu .

3. On the Timeline page , tap the OK button to continue viewing the places you’ve visited or locations you’ve passed on your previous trip. Wait for some time until Google Maps prepares these locations.

4. Done, now the location points that you have visited have appeared on Google Maps. In addition to the map view, Google Maps also displays photos of these locations along with the number of your visits. Scroll down and look for the See all places visited button to see all the places you’ve visited or passed, and to be able to see or get the full address of that location.


How? It’s not easy to look back at the places you’ve visited via Google Maps. However, keep in mind that the above method does not work if your device is not connected to your Google account. So make sure first; before you travel, your device is already connected by your Google account. And don’t forget to activate the GPS feature on your device.

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