How to Send a Single View Photo or Video on WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp has re-launched a new feature, namely the view once feature that can be used when sending messages to other users.

This view once feature can be used by users to send messages in the form of videos or photos that can only be seen once by the recipient and once seen by the recipient, the photo will be lost and cannot be seen again.

To use the view once message feature is also very easy, because users can see the view once icon in the chat section. If you’re still confused and want to try this feature, here’s the tutorial.


The view once feature on the WhatsApp application can be used by users to send photos or images that can only be viewed once and the photo or video will disappear or be deleted.

Every photo or video that is sent with the view once feature will not be saved to the storage gallery on our cellphone, so it will save storage space.


1. First, open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.

2. Then, select one of the chats to which you want to send the photo or video at a time.

3. Press the attachment or paperclip icon at the bottom and select gallery or gallery.

4. Next, select the photo or video you want to send.

5. in the next section, please fill in the description or caption section , then press the view once option or the number 1 icon in a circle until it turns green, as shown below.

6. Then, press the arrow keys or send the message.

7. Messages that you send with the view one feature will have a photo or video written in it and the number 1 in the circle as shown below.

8. If the recipient of the message once viewed has opened the message, then the WhatsApp chat will say “Opened” and the photo or video message cannot be opened again, as follows.

That’s how to send a photo or video once you see it on WhatsApp that you must try.


Using the view once feature in the application can help you maintain privacy when you want to send photos or videos to other people. In addition, the view once feature also does not make your storage full, because every photo seen is not saved to our cellphone memory.