How to Send Emoji from Your Own Photo in Instagram

Sending common emojis on Instagram DMs does feel normal, doesn’t it? But what if we turn the emoji that we will send into our own photos? Looks interesting doesn’t it? For those of you who don’t understand how to make emoji from your own face on DM, you can directly follow the tutorial below.


For those who have known social media for a long time, you must be familiar with the message feature on every social media application. Yep, all social media must have a message or inbox feature . It’s just that the name is different from each application to other applications, for example Facebook with its messenger or Instagram with its Direct Message which we usually call DM.


Although there are many chat applications available such as WhatsApp and others, not a few users still like to use Instagram’s DM feature to send messages and chat. To represent feelings at that time, we usually like to send emojis , to tell the chat partner about our expressions at that time.

Unfortunately, the emojis that usually feel are still less fun and boring. Well, inwepo has tips to make chatting on Instagram Direct Messages more exciting. By changing the emoji that was used to be our own face, it must be more interesting, right?


To change the emoji , here we will use the help of a feature from Instagram, namely Sticker Selfi . Selfi sticker itself allows users to create emoji stickers from selfie photos . Uniquely, we will also get a boomerang animation from this feature.


1. Kabuki Instagram application, make sure to update it first to the latest version. Next, open one of the DMs with your friends, now in the chat column there will be several icons . Tap directly on the sticker icon , then select the sticker icon that appears, namely Selfi .

2. Select the emoji that you will use at the bottom of the photo. Tap the boomerang icon to create emoji stickers . The sticker will later become moving or like a gif. You just tap the arrow to send it to your friends.


By sending a DM using a selfie sticker , you can create an emoji that is more expressive than the original emoji . Plus because it uses our own faces and of course spiced up with a little animated Boomerang that moves.

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