How to Send mirror Text on WhatsApp

Tired of sending regular WhatsApp chat messages to friends with normal text? Come on, try the tips below by creating a reverse message to make your chat more exciting!


All levels of society today are certainly familiar with and even use what is called WhatsApp. Yes, WhatsApp is now the most widely used chat application by people around the world. Until today, WhatsApp users are estimated to reach more than 2 billion and millions of messages are sent every day through Mark Zuckerberg’s platform.

WhatsApp has a simple appearance, even though there are so many features stored in it that we can use for communication activities. Starting from sending short messages, and video calls, to sending files and applications.

Mirror TEXT

We all know that text in the WhatsApp chat application can be made bold, italic, or underlined. However, sometimes things that are used to make us bored. So what if we want to make text chat more exciting? Well, you can try sending a reverse chat message.

Creating reverse text in the WhatsApp application is actually not difficult or requires special skills. As long as you understand the trick, everything is easy to do. Of course, by making the text upside down, we will make the chat more exciting and interesting, or even make the chat opponent annoyed because they have to turn their cellphone first to be able to read the message you sent.


1. Open the browser application on your Smartphone, then type in the search field ” piliapp “. Next, select the top piliapp website. If you are already logged in on the website, now tap the search menu.

2. In the search pop-up column, type “upside down” . Next, select the Reverse Text Generator web link.

3. Enter or type the text that you want to make an upside down in the column provided. Then automatically reverse text will appear in the second column or the bottom. Tap the Copy menu to copy the reversed text.

4. Open the WhatsApp application and paste the text that you copied on the piliapp site. The result will be as below.


That’s an easy way to make WhatsApp chat upside down, how is it not complicated, right? Besides being able to be used to send messages, you can also use the reversed text for other social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

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