How to Send Stickers to WhatsApp Stories on Android

How to Send Stickers to WhatsApp Stories on Android

Have an interesting and funny WhatsApp sticker? Want to send it to status but don’t know how? Well, don’t be sad if you have the trick without having to use WhatsApp mod, you can do it.

WhatsApp is getting more popular from day to day even popularity is accompanied by many mod applications that offer other advantages that may not be available in the official version of WhatsApp.

As we know the development of the world of technology is very helpful to us, especially in terms of communication, as WhatsApp makes it easier for us in terms of communication between users. Not only that, WhatsApp is also present as a social media with the presence of status features in it.

Well, for active users who often use WhatsApp for daily communication purposes, of course familiar with the status features and stickers that are on WhatsApp. Yes, for the sticker feature, of course, almost everyone knows because before WhatsApp the sticker feature is already present in several other chat applications.

Maybe many of you who save or have WhatsApp stickers that are funny or interesting. Anxious to send it to the story but confused don’t know how. Here inwepo has the trick, without you having to download the mod application or something you can send your favorite stickers to status. Can not believe, this is the way.


1. The first step, we just download and install the File Manager + application first .

2. The second step, open the File Manager + application, don’t forget to give access permission on the application. Then tap the Storage menu and look for your WhatsApp folder or WhatsApp Mod folder.

3. The third step, select the next Media folder select the Stickers folder where the folder stores all the stickers that we send and we receive.

4. The fourth step, select one of the stickers that you want to make a status then tap the Share menu or the share icon at the bottom.

5. Step five, select the WhatsApp option then select send to My Status.

This is the tutorial on How to Send Stickers to WhatsApp Story on Android. May be useful.