How to Set Colorful Text Status In WhatsApp

How to Set Colorful Text Status In WhatsApp

Want to send scheduled messages on your WhatsApp? Or do you want to make your status text  colorful? Come on, immediately follow the tutorial below to use these interesting features.

WhatsApp messenger is indeed very dominating and is very popular at this time specifically for instant messaging applications . Communication has become easier with WhatsApp.

Not only for personal gain as we know now WhatsApp is also present specifically for business people. Many businesses and businesses have been helped by WhatsApp.

The features in it are quite helpful for everyone. Many things are enough to make someone feel at home for long on WhatsApp one of which is the status feature. In the WhatsApp status feature we can make a video, photo, or just text status .

However, the text on WhatsApp has a monotonous color so it feels less attractive. In addition, if we want to send messages on a scheduled basis to a friend, the feature is still not available.

But, don’t worry because in this article Inwepo has prepared how to make a color status text and also send messages on a scheduled basis. Intrigued and want to try how the feature works, go directly to the following tutorial .


1. The first step, first download the Delta WhatsApp application .

2. The second step, open the application and login to your respective account. Then tap the bubble icon on the right. Then tap the Schedule menu .

3. The third step, directly tap the plus icon at the bottom and you will directly enter in the menu Add Message Schedule taps again the plus icon below to add contacts.

4. Step four, write your message in the Type your message column then to set the time and date in the Start date and Time fields . If you have tap all the more plus icons below. Well, to make the color status just go back to the home screen and tap the bubble icon again.

5. Step five, now select the Text status menu then directly tap the AA icon at the top. Don’t forget to type the text you want to make the status first.

6. Step six, choose a color from the color palette that appears to make the text color.

Thus the tutorial How to Schedule Messages & Make Color Status on WhatsApp. May be useful.

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