How to Show 3D Animals in the Home Room

Want to play while studying? Well, you must try Google’s AR Animal . With Google technology, can these 3D animals be brought into the real world with a smartphone ? Here’s how!


In 2019, it turned out that Google had made several examples of animals in 3D. So, with the help of AR ( Augmented Reality ) technology, Google makes these 3D animals seem real and around us. We can appear in the living room or other places. The method is quite simple, we can start with Chrome or Google Search.


Have you ever heard of a future technology term, namely Augmented Reality ? Augmented Reality or commonly abbreviated as AR is actually often encountered in our daily lives when using smartphones . Maybe one or many of us have downloaded and used this Augmented Reality feature .

In fact, this Augmented Reality feature or term does sound cool and very futuristic. Nowadays, many developers are trying to develop these AR features to become better day by day.


AR or Augmented reality in language is a technology which is able to combine digital content with the real world in real time . So this AR technology allows us to see 2D or 3D computer content as if it were real in front of us.


1. You don’t need any additional applications, just go to the Chrome browser application on your smartphone and type one of the animal names. Here I am taking a tiger and scrolling at the bottom there will be a View in 3D menu , then if a 3D animal image appears, tap the View in Room menu .

2. A notification popup will appear tap the menu Give access then tap the Allow menu again to give access to the Google application to use the camera.

3. Now, now that the 3D tiger is in your room, you can hear the sound or slide it using your finger. You can search for other animals in the bottom menu.


The Google features above are very useful for learning to recognize animals, especially for young children. Can also be used for fun – exclamations and shared on social media.

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