How to Show Live Wallpaper with Sound on Android

Having an attractive wallpaper is a must for smartphone users. Now there are many applications that offer a variety of unique and attractive wallpaper displays. One of the popular wallpapers used by smartphone users is live wallpaper. But usually the live wallpaper appears without making a sound. But did you know that now we can display live wallpapers that can also display sound, you know?


To be able to display live wallpapers with sound, you need the help of an additional application called NoxLucky. By using this application you can easily display live wallpapers with sound on your Android phone screen.


1. First download and install an application called NoxLucky on the Play Store. After the NoxLucky application is installed, just open the application on your Android phone. Login using your Facebook account or Google account. However; if you don’t want to go to the app, select Skip in the top right corner.

2. Select the Live menu , to browse the live wallpapers that have been provided by the application. Then select one of the live wallpapers that are already available in this application. There are two choices of live wallpapers in this application, namely the free version and the paid version. The paid version is marked with a gem icon in the top right corner of the wallpaper.

3. Select the live wallpaper that you want to apply on the Android cellphone screen. After that, tap Download to save the wallpaper to your device gallery and then select Set home screen .

4. A confirmation box will appear whether you want to turn off the sound of the live wallpaper? If not, select ignore and then select dynamic wallpaper preview to preview the live wallpaper display on your Android phone later.

5. Finally, select Set as home screen wallpaper and you are done. This is more or less the appearance of the live wallpaper with sound.

6. In addition to choosing and using the live wallpaper that has been provided by the application, you can also make a Tik Tik video or video on your device as a live wallpaper on your Android phone. Select the Customize menu and then select import from Tik Tok or import from gallery .


Now the main screen of your Android cellphone will be more attractive and more lively by using a live wallpaper from the NoxLucky application. Interestingly, in addition to being able to display live wallpapers that have been provided by this application; You can also make Tik Tok videos or videos on your device into live wallpapers on Android phones.

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