How to Speed ​​up a Smartphone

How to Speed ​​up a Smartphone

One of the biggest problems with Android smartphones is the number of applications running in the background. Especially for you social media and instant messaging enthusiasts. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, not to mention Google Play services that take up a lot of RAM. If everything is left running simultaneously, your smartphone might become stupid because of frequent lags.

Actually, there are several ways to “kill” applications that are running in the background. The simplest and easiest way is to use the Greenify application. Broadly speaking, Greenify can disable applications that normally run in the background and take up a lot of your smartphone’s RAM.

Greenify you can use on Android smartphone devices, whether or not it has been rooted.

Download it

How to Speed ​​up a Smartphone with Greenify

You can install Greenify directly from Google Play . Greenify is available for free for you to use, with several feature limitations. To get full features, you can buy a donation package.

How to use

As usual, open the Greenify application. Greenify has a look that is simple and very easy to understand. To select the application that you want to stop the “act” of it, just click the “+” then select the applications that normally run in the background. Or if you’re not sure, you can choose all the applications that Greenify displays.

How to Speed ​​up a Smartphone with Greenify

Never Greenify the instant messaging applications that you normally use to communicate like WhatsApp and Telegram. If you continue to Greenify these applications, you will not receive a message until you open the application.

If you have selected the applications that you want to hibernate, then click the “Zzz” button. Wait until the application is hibernated one by one by Greenify. Then, use a smartphone as usual.

If you feel that the smartphone has started to slow down and sluggish, you can open the Greenify application again and click the “Zzz” button again.

Although it can be used for non-rooted devices, Greenify works better on rooted devices. If your smartphone has been rooted, you can maximize Greenify’s performance by selecting the root mode.

Enter the Greenify settings, then select the root working mode.

How to Speed ​​up a Smartphone with Greenify

If you don’t want to bother with going back and forth to open Greenify to hibernate the application, Greenify can do it automatically. In the settings, check the “Automatic hibernation” option. Every time you lock your smartphone, Greenify will automatically hibernate applications that are still running.

How to Speed ​​up a Smartphone with Greenify

So, when you open the smartphone, the smartphone is smooth and doesn’t lag. Say goodbye to ex, I mean on lag.

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