How To Speed ​​Up Android Phone Touch Screen Response

How To Speed ​​Up Android Phone Touch Screen Response

Modern life now cannot be separated from internet and gadgets . As if the main needs of humanity are both very needed. Surely you have a smartphone  to support your daily activities.

It is undeniable the longer the smartphone  that we use will certainly gradually decline in quality in terms of hardware / hardware. Therefore if you have problems with the touch screen responsiveness of smartphones, especially Android, then you must see this tutorial.

The tutorial uses a third-party application called ” touchscreen repair ” that can be downloaded officially at the Play Store. Please refer to the procedure below, please note each step.


1. Please download the  application on the Google Play Store named ” touchscreen repair “, if you use the Google Play Store application in the Indonesian language version then what will appear is ” touchscreen repair “.

You have to wait 1min.

Download touchscreen repair

2. After the application is successfully installed,  then open the application. The first time a notification will appear regarding the use of the application, please click ” OK ” to continue.

3. Then the main menu of the application will be displayed, to start improving the response of the screen please click on the ” start ” menu .

4. The next step you are asked to touch the green box with the words ” tap “. You will be asked to touch the green square alternately three times.

5. The next stage the application will calculate the response time of your Android smartphone’s touch screen and make improvements automatically.

6. When the repair process is complete, information about the reduction of the touch screen response time will be displayed.

That’s how to speed up the response of the touch screen Android smartphone , the solution is very suitable to do if your budget is limited to change the LCD screen.

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