How to Speed ​​Up Windows 10 Boot Startup

How to Speed ​​Up Windows 10 Boot Startup

Windows is a type of operating system (Operating System) found on a computer or laptop device. The existence of the Windows operating system aims to regulate all functions and performance contained in a PC device, so that the PC or computer will work optimally. Windows is one of the most widely used operating systems by PC users in the world. This is because this operating system has many advantages and features that are qualified when compared to other operating systems.

However, in general a PC or laptop device if it has been used for a long period of time, will certainly experience a decrease in performance. One of them is marked by the boot process which takes a long time when we turn on a PC or laptop. Moreover, if we have many applications in it, where each application sometimes has a different startup system . One way that can be done is to deactivate applications that have a high startup system . This time the author will provide simple tips on how to speed up Windows boot using the Windows task manager feature . As for the steps, it can be seen as follows:

1. Open the Windows Task Manager application on your PC or laptop. Or you can also press the button (Ctrl + Alt + Del).

2. After that in the Windows task manager settings menu , select the Activation / Startup tab .

3. On the activation tab menu, there are several applications that boot when the device is turned on. In addition it can be seen the impact of its use whether high or low. Here the author exemplifies wanting to disable the Internet Download Manager application. (Turn off / Disable  some applications that are not important and that burden your Windows operating system).

4. Right-click on the application, then select disable / Disable . Or you can do it by pressing the button on the bottom right.

By disabling the system startup the application does not necessarily disable the use of the application. So this trick prevents applications that start booting simultaneously with Windows operating system booting . So that the Windows boot process is not choked up. May be useful.

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