how to Stable Ome Video Chat Videos

how to Stable Ome Video Chat Videos

On this occasion, kevirite will share tips on how to be able to play Video Chat on Ome Tv more smoothly without any interruption in the video when communicating with the interlocutors on Ome Tv. As we know, Ome TV is one of the phenomena that can be considered quite interesting, it is because those who do video chat are not only adults or teens but there are also children who use this application.

The ease of accessing this video chat site is one of the reasons why many people use it to meet random people. Besides we can play Ome Tv through a computer / PC, we can also use Android and iOS versions of Tv Tv and of course everyone can now do video chat anywhere and anytime.

OME TV will allow someone to meet and interact via Video chat with random strangers from all over the world via webcam / smartphone cameras. In other words, we will not be able to guess and predict who we will meet, such as country of origin and gender.

There is one problem that is often experienced by Ome Tv users, which is sometimes users experience the name interruption when doing video chat. The quality of video chat is very poor and is marked with a black screen (Blank) when starting a chat friend search. It’s not a mistake on Ome Tv itself but rather it’s a problem on the network quality of the user.

for those of you who often have problems and want to use OME TV smoothly, I have simple tips that can be done and hopefully the tips and ways that I will give can be very useful for smoothness when doing video chat on OME Tv.

Tips For Stable Ome Video Chat Videos

1. Smartphone Support 4G

For the sake of smoothness when playing Ome TV, it is strongly recommended to use mobile devices that already support 4G LTE networks so that the connection is more stable and faster. This could be one of the reasons why when playing Ome TV it is always not smooth and very difficult when searching for chat opponents.

2. Lock 4G Network Only

I have applied this method and the results are certainly quite significant. which was when playing ome TV always encountered problems, when it was implemented this way the connection became smoother and very stable. The default smartphone network setting is “auto” which is where the device will search for and capture all 26 / 3g networks and also 4G and as a result the network on the smartphone will always be changing and uncertain.

3. Close All Applications

The habit of opening many applications at once is a cause of the quality of the internet speed being divided as a result when playing Ome TV the connection will feel slow. Therefore, make sure there are no applications running or open other than OME TV.

4. Ensure Enough Quota

The final step to ensure comfort using Ome Tv is to make sure the quota / data package is available enough and it will not be funny when we are cool chatting with the other person suddenly cut off because the quota is used up.

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