How to Temporarily Turn Off Notifications on Instagram

As an application that is owned and used by almost all people in the world, it is not surprising if you have lots of accounts that follow and accounts that follow you. Plus, since the Reels feature in the Instagram app; make many users of the Instagram application who make various kinds of interesting videos with various kinds of content.


Keep in mind that the more Instagram accounts you follow, the more notifications you will receive. Plus, in the Instagram application there are many types of notifications. Such as message notifications, like notifications, comment notifications, and many other types of notifications.


However, did you know? As an Instagram application user, you can also temporarily turn off all notifications in your Instagram application. This feature is called Pause All. By activating this feature, you will not get any notifications from the Instagram application within a certain period of time. How, very interesting isn’t it?


1. First of all, open the Instagram application installed on your device. Then select the Profile menu to open the page from your Instagram account. After your Instagram account page opens, tap the three-dot icon and select the Settings menu .

2. After the Settings page opens, find and tap the Notifications menu .

3. On the notification page, you can manage all notifications on your Instagram account. However, to be able to turn off all notifications in the Instagram application, it is enough to activate the Pause All feature .

Done, now all notifications on your Instagram are inactive and you will no longer get any notifications from the Instagram application. However, this method is only temporary; because there is a time limit for Instagram notifications not appearing on your device.

There are 5 options for when Instagram notifications will not appear on your device, namely 15 minutes , 1 hour , 2 hours , 4 hours and 8 hours .

4. Select and tap one of the available times according to your needs. Done, now for the timeframe you have chosen; You will not get any notifications from the Instagram app.


It’s not that easy to temporarily turn off notifications from the Instagram app. The method above, will be very useful when you are in an important condition that should not be disturbed. Notifications in the Instagram app will automatically turn back on after the notification lag time runs out.

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