How to track the source of video clips to avoid hoaxes

With the popularity of chat applications and social media today, it makes it easy for people to share news quickly. But unfortunately, the news circulating is not all true or just hoax news. And often the hoax news that circulates is misleading slander.

Even though hoaxes have been threatened with Article 28 paragraph 1 of the Information and Electronic Transaction Law or the ITE Law (ITE Law), there are still many hoax news circulating. For example there are about 554 cases of hoaxes about corona with 89 suspects.

Along with the changing times and technological advances, hoax news is now not only in the form of text or articles but also in the form of photos and videos. Though hoax news in the form of photos or videos can be easily spread through chat applications and social media applications. The video that is distributed is also just a piece of the scene that can be misleading and can have an impact on making the public widely concerned.

In addition to being more careful in responding to news that is included in group chats or posts on social media, we can take advantage of the features available on the website. Through this website we can easily trace the origin of the video and get the full video version. So as to avoid hoax news.

Then, how do you track the source of the video snippet that belongs to the group chat or post on social media through the website It’s easy, let’s just follow the steps below.

1. Play videos that you can from social media or chat applications, pause videos, and video screenshots . Save the screenshot image in your device gallery.

2. Open a browser on your computer or other device and type the url address: . Select search images or images on the website. Click the camera icon to upload the image you screenshot before.

3. Click ‘ Select a file ‘ to search for screenshot images . Search and select screenshot image . Wait a minute, AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) or artificial intelligence on the website is browsing the original video from the screenshot image that you are looking for.

4. The Yandex website has found the origin of the video from the screenshot image .

Continue scrolling down to see the original video.

5. Done, now we have the full version of the video and avoid hoax news.

Thus the explanation from the tutorial ‘How to Track the Source of Video Pieces to Avoid Hoax’. Good luck.

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