How To Turn Personal Instagram Into Business Instagram

Instagram is an application that is used by many people for entertainment purposes only. Instagram is also not only used for entertainment, now Instagram can be used for business too. Instagram is widely used, especially among teenagers, but it is also possible that now many parents are using it. Now parents are now able to monitor their children via Instagram. Well, for this time the author will discuss an article about “How to Change a Personal Instagram Account into a Business Instagram Account”.

Many friends ask, how do you change it? Let’s take a look at the method the author uses below. Actually, the steps used are quite easy, especially if you already have an Instagram account before.

How To Turn Personal Instagram Into Business Instagram


1. Log in to your personal Instagram account then click the “Profile” section, then click “Settings” in the right corner of your profile, then select “Account”.

2. Then, change your personal account to a business account by clicking the ” Switch To Business Account ” option then click ” Continue ” and choose the type of business you want to run.

3. Then, click ” Next ” to continue, and there you will be asked to confirm the Email address and Telephone Number that you provided. Why are you being asked this? because it makes it easier for buyers to contact you to make transactions.

4. Next, you will also be asked to connect your Instagram business account with your Facebook account. And if you don’t want to connect it with Facebook or you don’t have a Facebook account, you can select it and click ” Don’t Connect To Facebook”.

Now, your personal Instagram account has now become your Business Instagram account. Promote the business you are running as well as possible on Instagram, friends.

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