How to Turn Photos Into Paintings in 2021

Now the era is very easy, especially to make our photos into a painting. Well, below, Inwepo has prepared a tutorial for making photos into paintings with one tap without additional applications.


Advances in technology today make everything easier. We can do many things that we might not have been able to do before, such as editing . Editing photos does require skill and high creativity to produce the best work. However, the presence of increasingly sophisticated technology makes it possible to learn or even do it without expertise.

One of them is to make photos look like paintings. We don’t need to bother using a computer or understanding editing software , now there are lots of applications or websites that provide instant photo editing .


For those of you who are interested in making photos into paintings, you can try a website called PortraitAi. This one website uses an excellent Ai system. Where you can turn your ordinary photos or selfies into quite artistic paintings like the ancient era. Actually this site also offers download apps for Android as well as iOS.


Even though it looks quite easy, there are some things that you might need to pay attention to so that the photos that are generated into paintings look good. Make sure the photos that you will edit are of good enough quality, in the sense that they are clear and not blurry. Also, make sure that the portrait object in the photo is clearly visible so that the results will not disappoint.



1. You can directly open the browser application on your smartphone here using Google Chrome. Next, go to the PortraitAi site, tap the Upload a Selfi menu to enter the photo you want to edit .

2. Wait for the Painting process for a while, later some photos of the painting will appear. Tap and hold on the edits then tap the download menu that comes out to download it.


1. Go to the Play Store then download the PortraitAi app .

2. Open the PortraitAi application then grant access permission to the application by tapping the Allow menu . Tap the picture icon at the bottom left to enter the photo you want to edit .

3. Tap the close icon at the top left, then tap the download icon to download it.


Even though your photos have been successfully converted into paintings with ease, there is still one small problem. Later there will be a watermark from Portrait Ai on your photo. But there’s no need to worry because you can crop your photos to remove the watermark or look for another watermark remover application . Good luck!