How to Use Bald Filters on Instagram Stories

Have you tried the cute and up-to-date bald filters on your Instagram story ? If you haven’t read the article below so you know how.


IG or what we usually know as Instagram has lots of camera filters or effects that make our photos even more interesting. Well, currently a trending filter is quite funny and interesting for fun or content on the story, namely bald filters or bald heads .

If you are an active user of social media, of course, you have often seen interesting content. One of them is video content that shows someone using a bald filter . Which of these filters makes the wearer’s hair disappear and becomes bald. The development of AR-based filter alone is growing rapidly, so it’s no wonder currently popping filters unique as filter bald head on this one.


To find bald filters on IG it turns out to be very easy, all you have to do is browse the effects, then in your search, type ” bald ” and there will be a bald filter you want. Unfortunately, the filter feels cluttered and unsightly. Then how, how to use a neat and good bald head filter ?


Well, because the Bald filter on the Instagram application is not neat, here we will be assisted by the SnapChat application. This one application is not much different from chat applications like WhatsApp, it’s just that there are camera effects such as Instagram filters for taking pictures.


1. You download the Snapchat application first , if you have already, you can immediately enter if you already have an account or tap register if you don’t have an account. Then give access permission to the application.

2. Tap the smiley icon to open the filter effect , then tap the Explore menu again to find other filters .

3. In the search field, type bald or bald head , and all bald filters will appear. Choose one, the most recommended ” bald character ” then immediately use the filter to make a photo or video.

4. You can add songs or text and other effects, before you finally save it . Finally, all you have to do is open your Instagram story then select the content that you created previously on Snapchat.


More or less the way as above is how to use bald or bald filters on Instagram Stories . Good luck and make funny content with bald filters !