How to Use Google Maps Live View

Have you tried using the map pointer in live view ? If not, you must try it. By using the live view you will experience a more exciting experience using Google Maps in 3D.


In this day and age, of course, we find a lot of Google maps users. You don’t have to be confused and wonder if you don’t know the way, we just have to search for it through Google Maps and it will show you the direction to where we are going.
Along with the development of transportation tools, the use and features in maps are also increasing, one of which is the Live view combined with the AR ( Augmented Reality ) feature .


Who doesn’t have Google Maps installed on their smartphone today ? Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by internet giant Google. The advantage of Google Maps is that it is able to display detailed road location images, and is able to display the level of traffic jams around the world.

Maps itself is very easy to use and can also be accessed via both smartphones and commuter PCs. Surely there must be coupled with seamless internet connection as well, although you can also download download map terelbih advance to be used offline .


Now Maps has a new feature which is still related to Augmented Reality . This feature is able to bring up a digital map so that users can view the map directly with real-world images through the camera. If you use this feature, the direction and arrows will be displayed and appear as if they are right in front of the user’s camera to show the direction of the destination.


1. Make sure you have downloaded and updated the latest version of the map application . If already open and type an address or area in the search field. If you have found it, tap the Route menu .

2. Later there will be just a few select menus which are Live View , later it will ask permission to access the camera.

3. Next, you just point the camera at the road and a guide will appear in the direction you want it to appear as on the screen.


You can use the Live View feature above to show you the way more precisely because it displays an image of the surrounding environment. Although it is necessary to underline that this feature can only be used outside the room and must use a fairly fast internet connection.

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