how to use instagrams new photobooth feature

Have you tried the photo booth feature on Instagram? If not, you can see the review below and how to use this latest feature.

What social media do netizens enjoy doing nowadays? If there is this question, surely we all agree to answer that Instagram is the social media that has the most interest. Many people share their activities and hobbies through Instagram. Apart from the many features that spoil its users, Instagram is also used by various users or accounts. From personal accounts to big brands and organizations.

After being successful with the previous interesting features, namely the story , Instagram continues to grow and is endlessly launching new features again. This feature is also embedded in the Instagram story section. This feature is a photobooth feature . Well, from the name, maybe we can all conclude what the Instagram feature is like.


If we look at the name, we will all assume that this feature must not be far from the function of photobooth machines in public places. That statement isn’t wrong but Instagram makes it a little different. So this photo booth on Instagram allows users to make short videos, in the form of slideshows of several photos taken directly.


1. Open your respective Instagram application, then create a new story or go to the story maker menu . Then tap the little arrow on the left to bring up another menu. There you can select the Photobooth menu , then you just have to start tapping the shutter button to use it.

2. The camera will automatically take several pictures for the photobooth feature, which will take about 3 shots , then if so, you will see a short video of some of the pictures or photos taken previously. Tap the photo booth icon at the top to add an effect.

3. At the bottom there are several effects that you can choose from. In addition to the effects of the photo booth itself, you can also add filter effects on Instagram and text to make it more interesting.


How easy is it not to use the photo booth feature on Instagram. Besides being able to make a video slide in a short time, we can also add text and filter filters to make it even more interesting.

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