How to Use Instagram’s Pin Post Feature

Now Instagram has a pin post feature like Twitter and TikTok. Well, to find out how to use it, see the tutorial in the following article.

The competition between social media today is very tight. Some social media continue to launch excellent features so that users don’t get bored and switch to other applications. As with the recently launched by Instagram, the Pin Post feature. Well, what is a post pin, let’s find out together.


Pin Post or pinned posts, is a new feature in the Instagram application. Maybe you are familiar with this feature because previously this feature was already in the TikTok and Twitter applications.

This feature is usually used to embed posts that are considered superior by users.

Not much different from the features that already exist in both Twitter and TikTok social media applications, the features on Instagram also function to highlight posts which are then inserted in the top feed on the user’s profile page.

So with this feature, we can embed featured posts, whether it’s feed posts or reels. But unfortunately, we are only limited to 3 posts that can be embedded on the profile page.

What if we want to embed more than three posts? The answer is not yet, because a warning pop up will appear later , and if it is continued, the old embedded post will be squashed and replaced. In addition to the pin post feature, you can also directly share Instagram posts directly to other applications such as Tumbl, Facebook and Twitter.

For those of you who are curious and want to try the pin post feature for your Instagram account, you can try the method below.


1. Open Instagram, then select one of the posts can be old posts. Then tap the 3 dots to bring up another menu. Next select the menu Pin to your profile.

2. Posts or reels that are pinned or in the Pin Post will have a pin icon . In addition to pins, you can also directly send pictures or upload them to other social media networks by tapping Post to Other Applications .

3. There are 3 choices of applications that can be used, namely Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. You can choose one by activating the button on the right. Then you just need to log in to your social media account and give access permission for Instagram.


Embedding posts with the new Pin Post feature, can certainly be a new way to manage our Instagram account. By utilizing this feature, old posts and old reels can be highlighted and easy to find.

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