How to Use Screen Recording Feature in OBS Studio

Some of us of course have heard and know the term screen recording. Screen Recording is one of the activities that can be done on PC or smartphone devices, namely by recording activities on your screen and then saving it in the form of video (mp4 or avi format).

The purpose of using screen recording is certainly various. There are those who usually use it to create video content and some are aimed at saving moments or tutorials so that they can be watched again at a later time.

Currently, there are many special screen recording software that can be used on PC devices. Some of them such as Bandicam, CamStudio to GeForce Experience. But unfortunately in some of these applications sometimes there is a watermark from the default application which is quite difficult to remove. In addition, in the GeForce Experience application, the screen recording process is only limited to game applications (other than game applications , it cannot be operated).


Most people may only know that OBS Studio is a supporting software for live streaming activities only. But apparently, OBS Studio is also a software that has a screen recording feature in it.

Using screen recording in OBS is also quite easy. We only need to display the screen of the monitor we want to capture. After that we can immediately start screen recording and save it in the form of video (mp4).

So in this article, the author will give a tutorial on how to use screen recording feature (screen recording) in OBS Studio application. We can see the steps as follows:


1. Download the OBS Studio application first if you have not installed it (this application is free). If you have installed and open the application. Then the initial appearance of the OBS menu will look like in the picture

2. Next on the Sources menu , select the + sign/symbol. Then select Window Capture. After that, you can rename it as you wish, for example screen recording. If you have clicked OK

3. Then the Capture Window settings will appear in the Sources dialog box Then select the Window menu (as in the red box), then specify the part/page of the screen that you want to appear in OBS. Note: Here the author gives an example of displaying a Youtube page on OBS

4. As for the results, the Youtube page displayed will appear on the OBS screen. As for the results, the Youtube page displayed will appear on the OBS screen.

5. Next you go to the Controls menu On the menu, select Start Recording (if it is clicked, the recording process will run automatically). If you want to end recording, click the button again (Stop Recording)


This is a tutorial on how to use the screen recording feature in the OBS application. With this feature you can record any screen display with the quality of the video that is good enough for the screen recording size May be useful

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