How to Use Selfi Stickers on Instagram

Have you tried the Instagram selfi stickers? If not, let’s follow the full tutorial below to make self-stickers on your insta story .

What do you think when you hear the word nstagram? Surely everyone already knows Instagram is a forum or social media that focuses on image and video content.

We can see every day and even every hour always popping up new photo and video content that turns. Most of them are just fad but there are also some reasons for example for popularity and marketing.

Today we certainly know Instagram feature called Insta Story . In instastory we can share photos and videos but only last up to 24 hours. Many of us might be competing to produce a good insta story .

So no wonder Instagram itself also presents supporting features for this. One way is to present selfi stickers feature. With this feature we can add selfies when uploading our insta story posts .

For you who are curious and have not tried the feature. Come on, see carefully tutoria below.


1. First, make sure your Instagram already in the update , then simply go to the next Instagram tap icon maker story new or your story.

2. The second step, immediately create any story , then tap the sticker icon located at the top. Then tap and select the camera icon on the sticker that appears.

3. The third step, slide the selfi sticker section to the place or section in the story you want, then tap the shutter icon to take a picture. To add a frame you just have to tap on the part of the selfie that you have made.

Thus the tutorial How to Use Selfi Stickers on Instagram. May be useful.

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