How to Use the Clipboard Feature in Windows 10

How to Use the Clipboard Feature in Windows 10

Maybe you are familiar with the copy or paste feature on your PC or laptop. This feature will help you to copy and move words or pictures to a document or place very easily.

In addition to copy and paste features , it turns out there are other features that have the same role and are quite useful, namely the Clipboard . Features clipboard is a handy feature to temporarily store the word or picture that we copy.

The Clipboard feature can hold more than 1 word or image that you can copy, later you can also choose which words or images you want to paste . The Clipboard feature is one of the built-in features in Windows 10, but to use it you must activate it first in the following way.


1. First, please press the start menu or the Windows icon located on the bottom left of the desktop, or you can press the keyboard button with the Windows logo on your PC or laptop.

2. Next, press the settings menu in the form of a gear icon.

3.  Then in the settings menu, please press the System menu .

4.  On the right side you will see several menus, please search and select the Clipboard menu .

5.  Then in the clipboard history section, please activate it by pressing the slide at the bottom until it turns blue and the words ON appear on the right side of the slider.

6. Until here you have successfully activated the Clipboard feature .

7. To use it, please copy or copy the words or pictures that you want, then press the Windows keyboard key + V

8.  Later, the clipboard will appear at the bottom right of the desktop, and will contain several words or images that you previously copied or copied.

Thus How to use the clipboard in Windows 10 very easily. Now you can use the clipboard feature to copy lots of words or images from different places very easily. May be useful.