How to Use the Clips Feature in the Youtube App

Youtube is one application that is certainly not foreign to the public. People who are not familiar with technology to those who are technology literate certainly understand or often use this application. Youtube is an application that we usually use to watch videos.

Various kinds of video content and genres are available on the Youtube platform . Starting from music, games, education, entertainment to horror we can watch freely and for free. Besides watching it we can also download some videos on Youtube. Its function is so that the videos that we downloaded earlier can be watched at a later time without spending quota.


Based on the latest updates from Youtube especially on Youtube Android. Currently, a new feature has been added, namely the clip feature. The existence of this clip feature allows us to cut some videos on Youtube.

The results of this clip can be saved or shared with others. At first glance this feature is quite useful for cutting long videos for us to take only the most important parts.

So on this occasion, the author will share a tutorial on how to use the clip feature on Youtube (for the record, this feature seems to be only available on the smartphone version of the Youtube application ). As for the steps as follows:


1. Select and specify the video you want to clip. If so, open the video and select the “Clip” menu. After that you will enter the clip settings menu. In this menu, add a title as desired.

2. Then on the part as shown in the picture. Here you can set which part of the video you want to cut/clip, whether in the front, middle or end.

In addition, you can also specify the length of the video clip. You do this by sliding the white line to increase or decrease the duration. Later the length of the duration that we have determined will appear below the number duration information.

3. If you have, the next step is to share the clip. Here you will be able to share the video clips that you have created with other people (can be via WA, Gmail, Instagram or Bluetooth)

4. In addition to sharing, the clips that have been created are automatically saved. How to enter the Library menu and select “Your Clips”. Then the clipped video file will be saved in the menu section.


That’s a tutorial on how to use the clip feature on Youtube. As a note, from the author’s search results, not all videos can be clipped. Only some videos can be cropped due to the permission policy of the respective video owner. May be useful.

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