How to Video Call Up to 50 People on Instagram

How to Video Call Up to 50 People on Instagram

The word Instagram comes from the word ‘instant’ and the word ‘telegram’. The word instant underlies the meaning of naming meaningful like a polarid camera which was better known as instant photo. While the word telegram refers to a tool that works to send information quickly to others.

Instagram is a photo and video sharing application that is loved by children to parents. On Instagram contains billions of photos from all over the world. There are various kinds of display photos from the original photo to the edited photo. Besides sharing photos and videos, Instagram also has many other features that are very beneficial for users such as Instastory, IGTV, comments and likes, and explore. But now Instagram brings a new feature, the video call feature.

During this corona affair, the best-selling video call feature was used. In general, the video call feature is only in chat applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram. But now Instagram as a platform that previously only focused on sharing photos and videos, made a new breakthrough by launching a video call feature. No half-hearted, Instagram provides a video call service with 50 people at once. Even the WhatsApp chat application can only accommodate a maximum of 8 people just one call. That way we no longer need to install applications such as Zoom or Google Meet to hold learning activities or meetings.

Then how do you use the video call feature for up to 50 people at once on Instagram? It’s easy, let’s just follow a few easy steps below.

1. Download the Instagram application on the Play Store and install it on your device both Android and IOS. Register or Login.

2. Click on direct massage (DM) in the upper right corner.

3. Then select and click on the video icon in the top menu.

4. Check your Instagram friend list who will be invited to a video call, and click the ‘ Start ‘ button . In addition, you can invite and invite your friends in the Facebook application to join by clicking on the ‘ Create a room ‘ feature . However, the create a room feature will only appear and be active when the Facebook application is installed and is already active on your device.

5. Done, enjoy the video call up to 50 people at once. Very easy is not it.

Thus the explanation from the tutorial ‘How to Use Video Calls for Up to 50 People on Instagram’. Good luck.

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