How to Video Call Whatsapp on Laptop / PC

How to Video Call Whatsapp on Laptop / PC

WhatsApp is one of the most favorite chat applications , why? because for now almost all people have a WhatsApp account, from children to adults. WhatsApp chat application is an application that is not consumed by time, from the past until now it still survives, even though improvisation is not much, or not as excited as other chat applications .

It is the simplicity of WhatsApp that finally makes many people interested in using it, because WhatsApp is designed specifically for chatting , there is no interference like news or anything else. In addition, almost all types of mobile phones from old school to modern ones can already access WhatsApp, so it’s no wonder that many workers or school children use this chat application .

One of the features of WhatsApp is videocall , where videocall can now call up to 8 people so you don’t need to switch to another application if you want to videocall with your friends in the  WhatsApp group . Usually  WhatsApp videocall is done using a cellphone, so when you’re videocalling it is not uncommon for our hands to feel sore holding the cellphone for too long and also we can’t access other applications, so for that you can videocall on your laptop / pc.

Here’s how to videocall WhatsApp on Laptop / pc:

1. Make sure you have downloaded the Bluestacks application.

Download BlueStacks

2. After you download  then install BlueStacks on your laptop.

3. Next you will be directed to Sign in to your Play Store.

4. After you successfully sign in to your Play Store account, everything on this Play Store can be downloaded on your laptop, i.e. one of them is WhatsApp → in the search section type WhatsApp → Install .

5. After you have finished downloading → install the application and enter using the WhatsApp number as you originally registered for WhatsApp.

After all the processes are finished, you will directly log into your WhatsApp account and you can also videocall directly .
Done, and good luck.

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