How to View Deleted Instagram Stories

As one of the features most frequently used by users, Instagram Stories or what is more commonly called InstaStory has lots of unique and interesting features. But unfortunately the text, photos, and videos uploaded to InstaStory can only be seen for 24 hours. After that InstaStories posts will be automatically deleted.


But did you know that you can still see your deleted InstaStories posts. Interestingly again; To be able to see InstaStories posts again, you don’t need an additional application because the Instagram application provides an Archive feature.

Yep, all your deleted InstaStories posts will automatically go to the Archive folder. In this Archive folder, besides you can see deleted InstaStories posts again; You can also re-upload InstaStories as posts on the Instagram application or as new InstaStories.


1. Open the Instagram application on your device, and then log in using your Instagram account. Click Profile to open your Instagram account page. Then then click the three-line icon in the upper right corner to open the Instagram account settings menu. In the settings menu select Archive .

2. After entering the archive page, click the down arrow and select Story Archive . To more easily view your InstaStory history, click the calendar . Then the Instagram application will display your InstaStory based on the upload date. Click the wrong InstaStory by date to see the complete display of the InstaStory.

3. Besides you can see InstaStory again based on the selected date, you can also upload the InstaStory as a post on Instagram. Simply click on the three dots icon in the lower right corner of InstaStories and select Share as Post . Then type the supporting text and give the hashtag on the post. Done, your InstaStory has turned into a post on your Instagram account.

4. Or you want to re-upload InstaStories into new InstaStories. Simply by clicking the Share feature , you will be directed to the InstaStories creation feature. Reposition InstaStories, and click Share. It’s finished, now it has been uploaded back to the new InstaStories at this time.


Some simple tips on how to view deleted Instagram or InstaStory stories. Interestingly, apart from being able to see the deleted InstaStories again; The Instagram application also provides a feature so that users can easily re-upload the deleted InstaStories into a post on an Instagram account or as a new InstaStories today.

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