How to watch movies with girlfriend on Instagram

Instagram is a social media application created by Kevin Systrom, an American citizen. In its journey, the first Instagram name when it was pioneered was Burnbn. This application focuses on HTML5 mobile technology  and at that time it was almost similar to the social media Facebook. In order to have a distinctive character, Kevin and his friend Mike Krieger chose to focus on photos,  likes,  and comments.

Now,  Instagram is  no longer managed through Kevin’s command. Instagram has officially become the property of Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg. However, the development of  Instagram is  actually getting faster. Starting from the features of  IG Tv, IG Reels  and others. In fact, through  Facebook,  we can easily advertise on  Instagram. 

The many features make Instagram,  as one of the feature-rich social media. One of the features that the author will discuss is the unusual video call  feature  , which can make you and your interlocutor watch a video or movie together. How to ?


Video Call  is the name for a feature that can allow you to make calls while looking at the face you are calling. This feature has become a must-have feature for every social media application. In fact, it’s incomplete, if the chat  application  does not have this feature. There are 5 chat  applications  with video call features  with the best quality. The 5 applications are  Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Line, Skype. The first 2 applications are recommended.

The many  filters  and features in it are the reasons the author likes it. Especially  whatsapp,  because of their well-known end-to-end encryption service.


1. Open Instagram , switch to the direct  message feature and look for a girlfriend’s ig  or if you are single, you can invite your friends. Press the  video call icon 

2. After the  video call is  opened, press the  media icon  at the bottom to the right of the effects feature.

3. Choose the TV show you want to watch with your girlfriend or friend. There are many TV shows for you to choose from and some of them are even series. The choice of TV shows also varies from the many available genres.

4. Done, you can watch together with your friends. To be more calm watching it, you can use  earphones.


If this feature is not yet on your  Instagram , then update the application beforehand . This feature will bring your relationship closer with your boyfriend or friend. This feature is perfect for those of you who really miss your boyfriend or friend, but can’t meet because of the distance that separates you. In the end, the author hopes that the article will be very useful.

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